Find out about the small team that is behind Ebike Legends.
Julie Holt

Julie Holt

A passion for outdoors and a love for E-bikes. Julie Holt is the brains behind Ebike Legends and she has spent years researching, learning, testing, and riding countless E-bikes. 

Ebike Legends

Ebike Legends was started as a hobby, to help me put what I had learnt onto something more permanent. I began documenting my findings and eventually people started to discover what I had written. After hearing the amount of wonderful feedback that people had found it useful I decided to continue. Working late hours after work trying to share all my knowledge and experience to my users. 

Ebike Legends continues to grow, and we are now looking at adding more contributors to the site who are also experts and have a load of experience with electric bikes. I am proud of what we have created, and look forward to making it something that everyone will find useful when looking to make their next E-bike purchase. 
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