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About DJ Bikes

DJ Bikes started as a dream of Daniel and his wife Jolin (the D and J of “DJ”) in Calgary, Canada.

They both enjoyed the outdoors; Daniel was a "weekend warrior" on the basketball court, and they were both avid hikers and public transit users. When Daniel got the opportunity to ride an electric bike, he saw the future: e-bikes are the future of commuting and leisure cycling, and everyone – regardless of age or ability – can benefit from and enjoy riding electric bikes.

Little did he realise that vision would transform the course of their lives and, in a short period of time, have a huge influence on the world of electric bikes.

Daniel left his full-time job in 2017, and he and Jolin combined their passion of sports and the outdoors, as well as 15 years of technical consulting and design experience, to launch their own company, DJ Bikes. The family is dedicated to making eco-friendly, high-quality, and affordable e-bikes available to everybody, and to doing it with a personal touch that is unique in the e-bike business.

Daniel created and tested every single product to suit the high-quality needs of North American clients. And he was committed not only to make an amazing product, but also an excellent experience.

Daniel and Jolin run the company on their own from 2017 to 2019. They planned and constructed goods, personally supported consumers by answering phone calls, and pledged to bring DJ Bikes to market with honesty, excitement, and features and costs that no other e-bike business could match.

They paid attention to their clients and anxiously awaited their response. Unsurprisingly, they immediately established a dedicated consumer base. DJ Bikes had a 12-fold rise in sales in just two years and was awarded one of Canada's Top 50 Business Startups in 2020! That impetus is still present today.

Daniel and Jolin grew DJ Bikes in 2020 by bringing on board dedicated coworkers, both in-house and across North America, such as like-minded customer service professionals and skilled bike technicians. Perhaps more crucially, many consumers have turned into "product evangelists," enthusiastically spreading their enthusiasm about DJ Bikes to their family, friends, and neighbours everywhere they go. For good cause, the enthusiastic community of DJ Bikes owners is booming across North America!

Daniel and Jolin realise their voyage has been grace-filled as they reflect on their brief excursion. They are confident in the future because they are committed to making their customers' experiences personal, professional, and pleasant, in addition to offering the fun of owning and riding a DJ Bike!


DJ Ebikes Frequently Asked Questions

How wide are the DJ Ebikes?

The widths of the bikes is based on the length of the handlebar, as follows:

  1.  Mountain bike width is 63.5cm
  2. City bike/super bike/super bike step thru width is 64.5cm
  3. Fat bike/fat bike MD width is 64.5cm
  4. Folding bike width is 63cm
  5. Folding bike step thru width is 63.5cm

How long is the seat post on DJ Bikes?

For the Mountain Bike, City Bike, Folding Bikes, and Fat Bikes, the seat post is 11.8" (300 mm). The Mountain Bike, City Bike, and Folding Bikes come with a shock absorbing functions. The Super Bikes do not have a seat post due to the design of the bike.

What is the wire harness length of the DJ Folding Bike (Step Thru)?

  • The total length of the forward electrical harness is 1000mm
  • The main length of the harness extends to 905mm
  • The handlebar leads branch out from there, and each one is 95mm
  • The headlight plug runs backwards from the branch point, and this lead is 137mm

Are the handlebar and seat adjustable on my DJ Bike?

There are quick releases on both the handle stem and seat post. Once you open the quick release, you can extend/shorten both the handlebar and seat heights. The exceptions are the DJ Folding Bike: the seat post is adjustable, but the set height is not, and the Super Bikes: due to the design, the seat height is not adjustable.

What model of Bafang motor does a DJ Bike have?

RMG060. Super Bikes have a different type of motor.

Why does the DJ Bike odometer stop working when I am coasting?

Because of the design of our bikes and the fact that they have rear hub motors, the odometer does not work when coasting. For it to work, you would need an external speed sensor.

Are battery chargers universal?

Battery charges are not universal. The Folding Bikes, Fat Bikes, Mountain Bike, and City Bike all come with the same battery charger (Samsung or LG), and the Super Bikes come with their own charger.

Do DJ Bike batteries have balanced circuitry?

No, DJ Bike batteries do not have balanced circuitry.

How long does it take to charge my DJ Bike battery?

The first time, a battery full charge will take about 4 to 6 hours. Although the battery has a safety design to prevent overcharging, we recommend unplugging the battery when the battery charge is full.

Future charges will take approx. two hours.

Can I clean / wash my DJ bike?

We recommend a garden hose over a pressure washer, as the electrical components on the e-bikes can be easily damaged by water. Turn the power off, and start hosing the bike down from the top to the bottom with water only, or a mild detergent. Muc-Off is a popular cleaner, available on Amazon, sporting goods stores, or bike shops. So as not to scratch the frame, use a soft brush or cloth to rub caked on mud or dirt. Keep in mind that the frame is aluminum and does not rust, but there are other metal parts that may be subject to rust.

The handlebars on my DJ Bike move from side to side. How do you fix this?

Remove the plastic cap from the top of the shaft and use the large Allen wrench to tighten. A bit of leverage is helpful and two people make the job easier to ensure everything is lined up straight.

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