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DJ City Bike Review

DJ City Bike Review

DJ City Bike 500W 48V 13Ah Power Electric Bicycle, Pearl White, LED Bike Light, Fork Suspension and Shimano Gear

DJ City Bike is a stunning step-through electric bike made using high-quality mainstream components. The bike is powerful, inexpensive, robust, quiet, attractive, simple to use, and can provide you with hours of entertainment!

With an integrated front lamp and shock-absorbing suspension, this operates admirably in the city or on mild off-road terrain. This bike is designed for everyone, whether you are a commuter, senior, casual rider, or sports enthusiast.

The strong 48V LG battery may be removed and charged anywhere. The charger is built with a safety feature to avoid overcharging. The finest combo is to enjoy the view without sweating while saving money. All of them are available on these zero-emission DJ Bikes.

This is the greatest value buy in the 750W/500W & 48V ebike category.

DJ Bike Models From USA & Canada are different:

DJ Bikes offers two versions for each of their eBike designs to ensure compliance with local government laws.

Canada 500W Only Canadian rules limit e-bike maximum power to 500 watts.

Rest confident that our Canadian friends find 500 watts to be more than enough power for climbing hills or overcoming other obstacles such as strong winds or uneven terrain.

US 750W Only US rules permit electric bikes with 750 watts of electricity.

Pros of buying the DJ City Ebike

  • It comes standard with extra-long fenders, a rear luggage rack with pannier blocks and a location for a mini-pump, and integrated front and back lighting.
  • Has motor inhibitors to aid guarantee the shortest possible stopping distance; this is a crucial safety feature, especially on bikes with cadence sensors, which can have a poor response time to starting and stopping the motor.
  • Adjustable angle handlebars can be raised or lowered to accommodate a more aggressive or calm riding style; this feature also expands the range of rider heights.
  • The headlight and taillight are integrated into the main electrical system and draw power from the battery; it also has a fairly decent beam pattern and can be effectively used to illuminate a path while riding at night; it also serves well to increase overall visibility, especially since this bike also has a taillight and numerous reflectors.
  • The ride is comfortable because to the front suspension's 60 mm of travel, the rubber cushion on the extra wide saddle, and the upright riding position.
  • Fenders are unusually long and cover a big section of the wheels, which helps to keep the racing stripe away when driving through muddy puddles. They also have several attachment points to the frame, which helps to considerably minimise vibration and rattling.
  • The pearly white tint is similar to the Toyota Prius pearl white paint and nearly sparkles in the sunlight; it's quite attractive and will assist boost overall visibility in low light settings.
  • When compared to typical frames, step-thru frames have a much lower standover height, making it significantly simpler for riders to keep their feet flat on the ground when stationary, and the seat post may be dropped almost fully to the bottom due to the arrangement of the battery and baggage rack.
  • The plastic chain cover virtually covers the full length of the chain, which, along with the unusually long fenders, should help keep riders very clean.
  • Cargo rack design is well thought out, with pannier blockers to protect panniers from striking the spokes and interfering with movement, a spring-loaded hinge on top to securely store thin things, and a built-in location for a tiny air pump.
  • The charging port on the battery is located at the top, keeping the cord clear of the cranks while charging. It also has a USB Type A port for charging accessories, and because it is removable, it can be charged on or off the bike and easily stored in a cool, dry location to help extend the life of the cells.
  • With entry-level components but also some added features that aren't typically seen on similar step-thrus with the same price point, the $1,399 price tag makes this bike a solid value buy.
  • The bike was simple to assemble, and every component fit perfectly without needing to be twisted or bent into position, as with some other direct order electric bikes. Customer service was also above average, with all of my phone calls answered on the first attempt.
  • The integrated taillight stays on whenever the lights are turned on and brightens when the brake levers are depressed, just like on a car. This is useful not only for increased visibility in low light conditions, but also for informing vehicles and pedestrians behind the rider that the bike is slowing down.

Cons of buying the DJ City Bike

  • Grips are ergonomic and pleasant, but they do not lock, thus they may spin if torqued on or as they deteriorate over time.
  • The control centre cannot be changed without equipment, making it difficult to angle it to minimise glare on the go, and keeping it attached to the bike while at a public bike rack may result in a damaged screen, which is typical with more simple displays.
  • The brake layout is the polar opposite of typical American motorcycles, with the front brake lever on the right side of the handlebars and the rear brake lever on the left; this may be perplexing for anyone accustomed to the usual setup and may potentially result in an accident.
  • Adjustable angle stems only have one point of contact for securing the position, and the stem could slip if the screw isn't tightened and the rider applies hard pressure to the handlebars, such as when climbing a steep hill or going over a big bump. This is a potential safety hazard, so just remember to tighten the screws extra tight and maybe add some Loctite or other similar product to help ensure they stay in place over time.
  • The headlamp is positioned on the suspension arch, making it unsprung weight and hence more subject to bumps and vibration than a frame mounted headlight; if the screw gets loose over time, the headlight may tumble down while riding.
Julie Holt
Julie Holt
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DJ City Bike 750W 48V 13Ah Step-Thru Power Electric Bicycle, Pearl White, LED Bike Light, Fork Suspension and Shimano Gear

$1,599.00  in stock
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as of March 3, 2024 6:39 am


  • CERTIFICATION: DJ Bikes proudly being the bike shop passing the highest safety and quality standard recognized by industries and consumers in both the US and Canada. The bike frame, motor, battery pack, and charger all meet respective standards.
  • STRONG POWER: 750W extending to 1000W peak power motor and battery empowers you getting any up long, steep hills.
  • EXCELLENT PRICE: Direct to customers. All parts and accessories are included in the offer. Save gas and parking for a quick payback.
  • HIGH QUALITY & WARRANTY: Stainless aluminum frame, LG battery, Bafang motor, Mozo suspension fork, Shimano gear and Tektro brakes as mainstream components. Manufacturer warranty applied.
  • CANADIAN BRAND: DJ Bikes is a proud and warm Canadian brand. You will get excellent service and support that you need.


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